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Graduation Day for the Retail Management Degree Class of 2023

Retail Degree 2023 Graduation

Congratulations to the 42 retail employees who are taking their retail careers to the next level with their Level 7 Degree in Retail Management Practice qualification.

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The Level 7 Degree in Retail Management Practice graduation ceremony took place today, Thursday 2nd November 2023, at the Atlantic Technological University (ATU) in Letterkenny. The event was attended by hundreds of proud family members, friends, and co-workers, who came to celebrate the remarkable achievements of the 42 graduates from the retail programme. Before the graduation, the team here at Retail Ireland Skillnet organised a pre-graduation reception where the graduates and their guests came together to celebrate their remarkable achievement. Many of the graduates’ employers, including Woodies, Dealz, Mac’s Deli, amongst others were present, showing their commitment and support to their employees’ learning journey.

The graduates have faced unique and challenging circumstances over the last three years of their studies. Amid the Covid pandemic, they had to balance their academic studies, working full-time on the frontline, and family life. Despite these challenges, their resilience and ability to multi-task was demonstrated as they completed core modules in various learning areas such as marketing, communications, legal issues, management, retail information systems, entrepreneurship and innovation, and finance on the programme. These learnings and experiences have equipped them with valuable skills and knowledge, empowering them to progress and excel in their chosen paths within the retail industry.

Furthermore, today is a significant day for the Irish retail sector as we celebrate the graduation of nine individuals who have successfully completed the Apprenticeship in Retail Supervision and Degree in Retail Management practice programme over the last four years. This group of nine individuals, began their apprenticeship in 2019 and subsequently advanced to the Degree programme. Over the last four years they have demonstrated their unwavering commitment to learning, developing their retail careers and resilience.

Everyone here at Retail Ireland Skillnet is proud of all the graduates for their incredible resilience and strength of character demonstrated whilst studying on the programme. We are confident that they will achieve greater success in their retail careers, and we wish them every success in the future.

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The Degree in Retail Management Practice is widely recognised as a prestigious programme in Ireland and is the preferred choice for leading retail organisations in the country. We, at Retail Ireland Skillnet, take great pride in collaborating with a diverse range of retailers from across the nation to enhance the skills, motivation, and passion of our workforce, thereby shaping the future of the retail sector. The Degree in Retail Management Practice had it’s first intake in 2012, and since then over 650 individuals have participated in the programme with Retail Ireland Skillnet.

It is truly inspiring to witness the remarkable success stories and career growth of these graduates over the years. We are delighted to share that more than 70% of the retail degree graduates have received promotions either during or within a year of completing the programme, which serves as a testament to the programme’s strength and the valuable skill set it imparts. Currently there are more than 150 individuals studying across the four cohorts for their Degree in Retail Management Practice programme.

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We are pleased to announce that expressions of interest are now being accepted for the September 2024 intake of the Level 7 and Level 8 Retail Management Degree programme. This three-year degree programme carries a total cost of €3,000, with an annual fee of €1,000.
We frequently receive inquiries from individuals regarding the distinction between the qualification for this degree programme and other full-time degree programme’s. The answer is that there is no difference in terms of the qualification itself. The degree obtained through this programme holds the same value and recognition as any other full-time degree program. The only difference is in the delivery method and structure of the program, which is designed to accommodate individuals who are simultaneously working in the retail sector whilst studying. Furthermore, the programme fee is significantly subsidised, ensuring affordability for retailers and retail employees seeking to enhance their skills. Rest assured, there are no gimmicks with the reduced fees or delivery mode – this programme unlike many others, is tailored specifically to address the needs of the retail industry in every aspect.

If you wish to know more about this programme, please feel free to send us an email at or visit our website through this link:

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Graduation Day for the Retail Management Degree Class of 2023

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