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The Retail Practice Occupational Qualification offers a wide range of certified work-based training and education programmes designed specifically for people working in retail.
The programme is delivered in collaboration with each retail store whereby individuals in management or supervisory roles are trained as training assessors who in turn deliver a suite of training modules to people working on the shop floor. We provide extensive supports to instore assessors to ensure they have the skills, tools, and ongoing support to deliver the modules.

This partnership allows retailers flexibility as they can deliver the training at a time, place, and pace which suits their organisation needs. We support with the learning materials, on-site visits, verify the quality of the training, develop work-based assessments and support retailers with the complete rollout of the training instore.

Retailers love this programme is it provides a flexible and affordable way of developing a learning culture amongst all their employees.

Training Modules

In total there are 9 modules to choose from: Retail Customer Service, Retail Selling, Retail Communications, Retail Security, Retail Display, Safety and Health at Work, Work Experience, Warehousing and Personal Effectiveness

Each module has been developed by retailers for retailers to meet the core business needs of every retail outlet, with training material that highlights examples from across the various retail subsectors: grocery retailing to fashion and footwear, forecourt, home and garden, and furniture retailing.

We will work with each retailer to identify which learning modules from the nine outlined is most suitable for that retailer. Some companies may wish to opt for particular modules relevant to their business, whilst others choose to complete all modules available. For an employee to achieve the overall Major Award in Retail Practice they must complete 8 modules including: Communication, Work Experience and Safety and Health.

The Learning Journey: Retail Practice Occupational Qualification, Level 5

Workshop - In Person

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Modules in detail...


Retail Customer Service

Course Code: 5N0972

The purpose of this award is to equip retail employees with the necessary customer service skills and knowledge to deliver the best possible experience every time they engage with a customer. All retailers whether they operate face-to-face, over the phone, online, or by email should strive to go above and beyond across every channel to deliver exceptional customer service.


Retail Selling

Course Code: 5N1619

The retail selling skills training course is designed to help people working in the retail industry improve their selling skills to maximise sales for their businesses. As consumer shopping habits continue to change and the lines between instore and online continue to blur, retail employees must be equipped with selling skills to optimise the life-time value of the customer across all channels.


Retail Communications

Course Code: 5N0690

Effective communication is fundamental in a successful business. The purpose of this award is to equip the learner with the relevant knowledge, skills, and competence to communicate verbally and non-verbally in standard everyday tasks and in work-related tasks, operating independently while under general direction


Retail Security

Course Code: 5N1777

The retail security course is designed to help people working in the retail industry perform their duties competently and safely, to maintain a safe and secure environment for both staff and members of the public. Retail employees learn the importance of effective retail security and gain the skills and knowledge to confidently perform practical security duties and procedures within a retail environment. In addition, learners gain an understanding of security based on current legislation.


Retail Display

Course Code: 5N1861

The Retail Display course has been designed to help people working in the retail industry effectively display products to maximise sales. The employee will learn the importance of effective retail displays and gain the skills and knowledge to professionally display products within their company’s selling environments. It will offer retail employees insight into planning and developing displays that create a great first impression for the customer. In addition, it will look at prominent product positioning, use of lighting, colours, and pricing.


Safety and Health at Work

Course Code: 5N1794

The safety and health at work course is designed to help people working in the retail industry gain the skills and knowledge to promote and maintain safety and health in their retail work environment. All retailers should strive to reduce risks and hazards to both employees and customers alike – this can impact the staff’s health and productivity positively as well as ensure customers remain safe and your business free from injury claims. This course aims to give you the information to deliver a safer and healthier workplace.


Work Experience

Course Code: 5N1356

The Work Experience course is designed to equip the learner with the relevant knowledge, skills, and competence to work within the retail sector. The retail employee learns the importance of work experience and they will gain the skills to plan their career in retail more effectively. It gives the learner insight into the different courses which are available within the retail sector and the importance of lifelong learning.



Course Code: 5N2725

The Warehousing occupational training has been designed to help people working in the retail industry improve their warehousing and stockroom skills to maximise organisational efficiency. It is more important than ever to be equipped with the knowledge, skill and competence to apply principles, concepts, and processes of warehousing in the workplace whilst working under direction. The learner will be exposed to knowledge relating to invoicing, picking and dispatch, storage, goods inwards and goods outwards, storage as well as how to carry out tasks safely. The learner will be encouraged to find discrepancies as well as collaborate with team members.


Personal Effectiveness

Course Code: 5N1390

This Personal Effectiveness training course is designed to help people working in the retail industry evaluate their attitudes and behaviours towards themselves and colleagues to improve communication and working relationships. People working in the retail industry must be able to apply a range of personal and learning skills independently – to improve their personal effectiveness and that of their colleagues and employer.

  1. Before commencing training, employers must identify at least one employee from their organisation, ideally from the management / supervisory team that will be trained to mentor and assess employees through the suite of occupational training. This person should ideally already be involved in training staff and / or assessing their performance on the job.
  2. This employee will attend a two-day Assessor Workshop, during which they will develop the appropriate knowledge, skills and attitudes to carry out the role of a work-based trainer/assessor. They will develop assessors’ skills that will enable them to effectively deliver Level 5 Retail Practice modules to candidates in the workplace. Assessors will become coaches and mentors to their candidates and will gain the qualities to effectively deliver training in a planned manner. The assessor will be provided with a manual for each module and have the freedom to teach in a style that suits both colleagues and the trainer.
  3. They will then return to the organisation to begin training their fellow colleagues as well as begin their journey to gaining a Level 6 Retail Assessor Award.
  4. Candidates will receive a certificate for each completed module; however, they must complete 8 modules including: Communication, Work Experience and Safety and Health at work if they are to achieve the overall Major Award in Retail Practice.

Larger organisations may decide to train more than one assessor, perhaps one per department. As with the assessor costs, the costs for each candidate going through significantly reduce as the numbers increase.

This programme is delivered nationwide, in person,  at a pace determined by the participating organisational. 

Learners should have reached the standards of knowledge, skill and competence associated with the preceding level of the National Framework of Qualifications. This may have been achieved through a formal qualification or through relevant life and work experience in a retail environment.

Please contact us for further information on the costs of becoming a Training Partner. We consider two factors when quoting retailers who want to become a Training Partner

  1. How many employees will be completing training?
  2. How many modules does the retailer want to complete?

Please get in touch with a member of the Retail Ireland Skillnet team to discuss our competitive training packages which can be tailored for your company’s needs.

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