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Successful Start to 5th Year of our Retail Degree!

It’s that time of year again! On Monday we welcomed 62 new candidates for our Degree in Retail Management Practice – marking the programme’s 5th consecutive year running. The number of applicants for the Degree this year was exceptional with candidates traveling from all over the country to the classroom at Dublin’s IPA.

Paul Healy – CEO of Skillnets, gave the class a warm welcome and shared his own career journey with the class. He told the new candidates how: “this Programme really understands Work Based Learning and how it can be a source of competitive advantage for you in the retail sector”

Oran Doherty and Paul Keating from the Department of Education (who are both heavily involved in work-based learning) also addressed the new students and helped them understand more about the work-based learning journey that they are embarking on. Paul shared his enthusiasm for work based learning with the class: “Its a brilliant journey and it will allow you to have your home & social life while getting your qualification at the same time”

Alison Allen – a recent graduate of this Degree Programme (and recipient of ‘student of the year’ award at LyIT!) delivered a powerful speech to the class, sharing her own experience of progressing through the Degree and how her new qualification has enhanced her retail career. She told the students to: “…be excited about the opportunity that you have ahead – I can honestly say it’s been one of the best and most enriching experiences of my life!.

So why is this Degree so successful?

Simply put – It’s a debt-free Degree! Learners attend just 16 class based days per year and complete all other learning through projects, assessments and assignments that are based directly on their everyday work. This allows them to work full-time whilst earning their qualification! In addition, Skillnets provides 50% of the funding for the candidates which makes the Degree even more affordable.

If you would like to find out more about this Degree, or any other Retail Ireland Skillnet programme, please call us on 0749176853 or email You can also click here to access our information brochure.


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