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Free COVID-19 Online Courses for Retailers and Retail Workers

Covid 19 training

With the gradual ease of restrictions and as we return to work, we now have a new normal as COVID-19 will be here for sometime. Businesses across all sectors must adapt and health and safety arrangements will need to be reviewed.

With this in mind and as part of the Return to Work Safely Protocol we have developed a FREE suite of online courses and practical webinars in response to Covid-19. These courses have been designed to help both front line retail workers and retail owners/managers.

The courses are as follows:

For Front line Retail Workers (complete in 30 minutes)
✔️Return to Work Safely (course)
✔️Cleaning and Cleanliness in the Workplace (webinar)

For Owners/Managers (complete in 90 minutes)
✔️COVID-19 Defence (webinar)
✔️Protecting your Business from COVID-19 (webinar)
✔️COVID-19 – A Guide for the Lead Worker Representative (course)

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Return to Work Safely Course (30mins)

A guide for retail workers at all levels to understand the National Protocol that is in place for
Returning to Work Safely as well as how to help reduce the potential spread of COVID-19.
It outlines the roles and responsibilities expected of both employers and employees, with
direct downloads of key checklists and resources available

Cleaning & Cleanliness in the Workplace Webinar (30mins)

This practical webinar aims to help all workers understand the current cleaning and
disinfection procedures that are required within the workplace in relation to
COVID-19 infection prevention

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A Guide for the Lead Worker Representative Course (90mins)

This course helps inform the Lead Worker Representative of their role and responsibilities
under the Return to Work Safety Protocol. Designed in line with government
recommendations, direct download of key recommendations, checklists and resources are
also built into the course content to assist these key workers in their new role.

Protecting the Business from COVID-19 Webinar (90mins)

This webinar enables store managers and leaders to better understand their role in protecting their business, customers, staff and others from COVID-19 within their workplace. Recommendations are outlined for key requirements such as conducting risk assessments, contingency planning and effective staff communication.

COVID-19 Defence Webinar (90mins)

Aimed at persons responsible for cleaning within the workplace, this webinar guides learners through main themes such as cleaning standards and techniques, the safe and effective use of chemicals and cleaning plans specific to COVID-19 prevention.

For further information or to enrol on any of these courses/webinars, please email your name, your email and the course name to or call 0749176853.

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