Digital Mastery Workshop – Watch Recording

On May 1st, 2024 we hosted a digital mastery workshop in collaboration with Google, Jellyfish, TikTok, and Meta. Watch the recording today and gain tips on how to take your digital marketing strategies to the next level.
Retail Ireland Skillnet Digital Mastery Event

Speakers Include:

Seán Begley, Account Manager, Google
Understanding Customers and driving your business with GA4
  • Seán will share the latest insights on using Google Analytics (GA4) to understand how customers find and engage with your business.  Sharing how to attract customers and drive sales using Google tools.
Sophie Morgan-Short, Paid Social Director, Jellyfish
Automating your marketing efforts with AI
  • Sophie will discuss the importance of data and AI tools in marketing decision-making for retailers. Sharing the benefits of using AI for e-commerce, and steps on how start and how to AI can help to drive sales.
Emily Flanagan, Account Manager SMB, UKI, TikTok
Working with Content Creators to Grow Sales
  • Emily session will guide you how to best work with influencers and best practice for content creation that has the potential to grow sales.
Andy Weldon, Senior Account Manager – eCommerce, Meta
Seamless Social Commerce 
  • Andy will review how retailers can use social networks to help their customers explore and buy products seamlessly. He will share Meta product updates and how you can best drive sales, and interact with your customers via your social channels.


This workshop was designed with IAB Ireland to address topics retailers wanted to learn more about.  The aim of the event was to help retailers unlock next-level digital marketing practices in their businesses. The speakers are all practitioners in the digital advertising sector and provide an overview of the latest digital opportunities and innovations that can be adopted by your business to improve customer experiences and drive sales. Presentation content are tailored to the Retail sector using relevant case studies and provide practical steps you can take to drive your business forward.
90 Minute
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