Coaching and Mentoring Skills for Leaders Workshop

Leaders will learn coaching and mentoring fundamentals whilst also gaining insight into the influence and impact of ‘self’ and organisational culture.
This workshop is designed to help leaders and senior managers understand and implement the core skills, established models, and working practices that drive successful coaching and mentoring outcomes. Rooted in positive psychology, evidence-based insights and real-world retail case studies, leaders will learn coaching and mentoring fundamentals whilst also gaining insight into the influence and impact of ‘self’ and organisational culture on coaching and mentoring outcomes.

Leaders will be able to apply core skills within the established ‘WEGROW’ model and be equipped to navigate the complexities and challenges of applying coaching and mentoring in a busy retail setting. Combining multiple learning techniques, this workshop will empower leaders to have quality coaching and mentoring interactions that support organisational goals.

Key Themes:

  • Differences between coaching and mentoring
  • Gain insight into the key elements required to grow a coaching culture at work
  • Advanced coaching and mentoring skills and techniques
  • Quality interactions through application of the ‘Big 4’ essential skills
  • Core skills within the established ‘WEGROW’ model
  • The psychology behind coaching and mentoring success including growth mindset and self-determination theory
  • Key factors that can create resistance to coaching and mentoring
  • Managing difficult conversations using coaching and mentoring based approaches
  • Recognising the influence of ‘self’, personal style, strengths, and values on coaching and mentoring interactions

Target Audience: Senior Managers and Leaders

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Location For Groups up to 20
Online €2,500
Classroom (Company Venue) €3,000
RIS Training Venue €3,900
Maximum Numbers:
  • 20 is the maximum number of learners an organisation can enrol in a single workshop.
  • On occasion we have workshops scheduled where retail employees from different organisations join the same workshop, the price per person is €250 for online and €350 in a RIS Training venue.
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2 Day Workshop
Workshops can be delivered online or in-person.
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