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Well Done…Year 1 Completed for the 2020-2021 Cohort

Apprenticeship in Retail Supervision

Massive Congratulations to our amazing 20/21 cohort of apprentices who have just completed year 1 of the Apprenticeship in Retail Supervision programme.  This year has presented numerous challenges for our apprentices, many of whom are working on the front-line.  We are so proud of each and every one of the apprentices that has shown an unwavering commitment and determination to excel this year on the programme.

Here is what Helen from Aramark said about her experience on the programme this year:

Helen Claffey-Retail-Ireland-Skillnet“Having just completed my first year on the retail apprenticeship course, I can honestly say that I have really enjoyed the programme. I have gained new knowledge, skills, and confidence which I know will benefit me in the future. The help and support available throughout the year was a great help especially as COVID-19 prevented any classroom learning. I am looking forward to the second year and would recommend the course to anyone who has the opportunity to do it.”

Helen, Aramark

Due to COVID restrictions, all classroom learning moved online.  The Year 1 apprentices totally immersed themselves in the online learning experience, engaging with tutors, guest lectures, our Retail Ireland Skillnet Team and bringing new skills back to their organisation.  All of which is evident in their outstanding attendance records and grades achieved over the academic year.

Here is what Andrew from Eason’s said about his experience on the programme this year:

ANDREW HAVERTY PICTURE-Retail-Ireland-SkillnetThe Apprenticeship programme has provided me with an excellent level of training and further development of the skills that are required to succeed within the retail sector. The knowledge and insight I have accrued since beginning this programme has enabled me to successfully implement positive changes within my own store and throughout my team. I would highly recommend this programme to all professional retailers as the course itself brings together all the core principles and practical theories required to be a successful supervisor, manager, and leader.”

Andrew, Easons

We are incredibly grateful to be working with some of Irelands most progressive retailers on the Apprenticeship programme.  We have retailers from all 26 counties from a wide range of retailing subsectors including Pharmacy, Grocery & Wholesale, Forecourt, Home & Garden, Food Services, Discount Stores, and Convenience retailers. Alongside all the challenges encountered as a result of COVID-19 the commitment from Retailers has been unwavering. We are sincerely grateful to all the retail companies, Workplace Mentors, and Authorise Officers for the support they have given our Year 1 apprentices. We have enjoyed hearing all the wonderful feedback on how the new skills acquired as a result of completing the different modules are driving positive changes within retail organisations.

Here is what Ewelina from Maxol had to say about her experience on the programme this year:

” The Apprenticeship in Retail Supervision is a great opportunity for anyone looking to improve their retail career. We have really dedicated and caring tutors. I feel that I am really developing on many levels, not only as an employee but also as a human being because of this programme. The apprenticeship also offers a whole range of additional support. I am very grateful that I can participate in this programme so far. I would like to thank my employer who believed in me and to everyone involved. Thank you again, it’s a great adventure.”

Ewelina, Maxol

Finally, but certainly not least a massive thank you to our exceptional team of tutors who individually have all been exceptional.

Here is what Diana from BWG Foods said about her experience on the programme this year:

” I am very happy with the Apprenticeship in Retail Supervision Programme; the lecturers have all been very good. Explaining everything very clearly. English is not my first language, but I understood everything very well. And that shows in my results. Thanks for everything so far.”

Diana, BWG Foods

The range of modules completed in Year 1 include:

blog 1-Retail-Ireland-Skillnet

Come September 2021, this amazing group of apprentices will progress into Year 2 and complete the module outlined below.


We are really looking forward to supporting each of the apprentices and their employers during the 2021/2022 academic year. Wishing the Year 1 apprentices the very best during the summer and look forward to seeing them again come September.

From all the Apprenticeship in Retail Supervision Team at Retail Ireland Skillnet,

Oran, Theresa, Eilis, Leah, Laurence, and Roisin. 

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Well Done…Year 1 Completed for the 2020-2021 Cohort

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