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Social Media for Retailers. Part 1

social mediaWhy should retailers engage in social media?

If retailers are able to connect with consumers on social media they increase their visibility with an audience that’s already inclined to buy their products. Using social media can help retailers build brand awareness and extend the amount of time potential customers spend interacting, browsing and considering a brand. By creating these online communities filled with entertaining and valuable information, interesting insights about the brand and an active support base, retailers will ensure that visitors to their social media are converted to fans and eventually, if the social media strategy is being done well, to repeat customers.

Tips for retailers:

  1. Who do you want to target?

Understanding the audience on your chosen social media channels can be a valuable tool for developing targeted campaigns. Consider using sponsored (promoted) ads to help reach your target audience

  1. Encourage interaction

Social media is not just about promoting your brand; it’s a medium for two-way communication with your customers that will help address the needs, wants and interests of customers online. Encourage them to share their experiences, acknowledge both praise and negative feedback and share useful information with your followers.

  1. Time your activity

Take advantage of current events, holidays and social trends to grow your followers organically.  There are also well documented ‘best times’ to post on social media to capture the most views. Click here for an example.

4. Choose your channels

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn…the list goes on! An organisation’s social media channels must reflect its business ethos. For example, a youthful, fashionable clothing store will need to engage with followers in a very different way to one who offers a professional service for a more mature audience…stay tuned for more on this in next weeks’ blog post.

  1. Give them a reason to follow you.

Special promotions, competitions, sneak previews etc, are great ways of holding your followers interest in your brand and keeping them informed.

  1. Analyse data

It sounds boring, but it’s worth it. All social media channels have tool to help you analyse your posts, followers and activities. You should use this tool to help discover which types of posts/offerings your customers engage with most and build your audience from there.

  1. Have fun!

You will need to be creative in coming up with ways to hold your audience’s attention…few will engage with repetitive, uninspiring posts. Social Media should be fun and engaging for your followers – it is after all, a recreational hobby for most.

Next week: Social Media For Retailers. Part 2.

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Social Media for Retailers. Part 1

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