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Retail Degree Questions Answered

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On February 1st, 2021 we started accepting applications for the September 2021 intake for the part-time Degree in Retail Management Practice. Over the last number of weeks, the response has been overwhelming with over 60% of the allocated places already reserved.

From talking to applicants there are a few reasons why the part-time Degree in Retail Management is so popular this year:

  1. The challenges and opportunities of the last 12 months caused by COVID-19 have inspired many retail employees to develop and enhance their retail knowledge.
  2. The programme allows applications to work and learn. With only 16 days per year in class, it is really attractive for busy retail employees.
  3. Fees are 60% subsidised which provides an amazing opportunity to retail employees to attain a Degree.
  4. The programme is retail-focused – no delivery on busy retail dates, assignments are retail orientated with a strong focus on the workplace, and tutors on the programme are experienced in the retail sector.

If you are unsure if the part-time Degree in Retail Management Practice is the right career and education move for you, we have put together the Top 5 most commonly asked questions and answers as a guide. If you still have questions, please get in touch and email the team at and a member of the Retail Ireland Skillnet team will be in touch.

Question 1 Do I have to give up my job or will I have to reduce the number of hours I work?

The good news is that you can ‘learn as you earn’ with this work-based part-time Degree – you are required to attend just 16-18 class-based days per year which allows you to continue working while you study. This programme has been designed specifically for people working in retail, so there is no delivery on busy trading periods such as Christmas, Easter, Black Friday, etc. The challenge is balancing home life, work life and study. We always tell new students on the degree programme to develop a weekly schedule, allocating 4-6 hours for independent study. Be organised from the start!


Question 2 – I left school when I was 15 and have worked in retail for the last 12 years.  Will I be able for a part-time Degree in Retail Management Practice?

If you’ve been working in retail for many years, and haven’t been in a classroom for a considerable length of time, we will provide you with the core IT skills, study skills, academic writing, and learning tools to succeed early in the programme. Since 2012, we have supported over 600 retail employees enrol on the Retail Degree programme, many of which have no formal qualification (such as Junior Certificate or Leaving Certificate) and we have watched them excel throughout the programme.

A valued element of this programme is the learning you will obtain from your classmates. Students continually tell us that the peer-to-peer learning on the Retail Degree has been invaluable to their development and confidence.


Question 3 – How much will it cost?

We understand you may want to take the next step in your career but time and financial pressures may be a concern. This programme has been proudly funded by Retail Ireland Skillnet leaving your annual fees at €1,350.  We are happy to support you in setting up payment plans to help spread the cost across the academic year (Sept-May).

As most other Degree programmes in Ireland cost more than €3,000 per year, we are delighted as a government funded organisation to offer retail workers this fantastic opportunity.

Question 4 – I think I might be too old to go back to education?Retail Degree 2-Retail-Ireland-Skillnet

Age is only a number and is certainly no barrier to the Degree in Retail Management Practice programme. In fact, the average age of students enrolled on the programme range from early 20s to late 50s with an average age of 36.  The class consists of 60% male and 40% female all of whom are coming with a different level of education and experience under their belt.


Question 5 – Where is the Degree Programme delivered?

We deliver the Retail Degree using our training room in Dublin City Centre. In each academic year, students will typically attend class for 1-2-day blocks per month (excluding December and January. The programme is delivered in collaboration with the Letterkenny Institute of Technology. As a result of COVID-19 restrictions, all classes are delivered online. Once restrictions are lifted, and we are allowed to return safely to classroom delivery we will do so immediately.  

If you would likeGet in touch Retail Ireland Skillnet to find out more information on the part-time Degree in Retail Management Practice programme, contact us




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Or come along to our next Degree Information Workshop on 15th April – email for more information.

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