Retail Security & Loss Prevention Workshop

The objective of this Workshop is to equip learners with an understanding and practical knowledge of Retail Security & Loss Prevention methods.
  • Retail Loss – The causes and impacts
  • Shoplifting and Fraud
  • Internal Theft – Motivations, deterrence and detection
  • Security – Assessing the business specific risks

Typically, we require a minimum of 12 learners (and maximum of 20 learners) when delivering the programme. If your organisation requires a small number of places and is prepared to share places with other retail organisations, please contact us for further information.

For more information please get in touch with the team at Retail Ireland Skillnet on 074 9176853, email or fill out the query form below.

Retail Loss
  • What is retail loss?
  • What are the main causes?
  • What is the impact of retail loss in the evolving retail environment?
Shoplifting and Fraud
  • Identifying suspicious behaviour
  • Deterring shoplifting by customer service/experience
  • Citizen’s arrest and ASCONE
  • Is arrest the correct approach?
  • Defamation and wrongful arrest in Ireland
  • Fraud – Sleight of hand, credit card fraud, refund fraud, bogus visitors/callers
Internal Theft
  • Motivations to commit employee theft
  • Internal theft evolving methods
  • How can internal theft be prevented?
  • Whistleblowing
  • Technologies – Data analytics, CCTV etc.
  • The security risk assessment
  • Conflict resolution
  • Management of critical incidents
  • Understanding what is not normal
1 Day Workshop
Online or In-Person Options
Certified by Retail Ireland Skillnet

Learner Testimonials

Retail Security and Loss Prevention

“The workshop was informative relevant to my business and gave me the tools to go and look at my business and challenge myself on the policies and procedures that are in place are fit for purpose and protect my business”

Shane Bowe
Retail Security and Loss Prevention

“I enjoyed the workshops, as the information was relevant in today’s world. There are so many changes happening in retail in the last year, and with a lot of conflicting information, it was great to get it straight from a knowledgeable source”

Sharon MacDonald

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