Retail Math Fundamentals

This Retail Math Fundamentals e-course is designed to help individuals working in retail with basic math concepts. The course provides a beginner level insight into how to understand math calculations such as calculating percentages, ratios and fractions.
This course will show you how to calculate VAT, develop pricing strategies, negotiation skills, and sell-through along with others. It will provide information on business analysis techniques such as net margin, seasonal budgets, and break-even analysis.

You will learn how to recognise and calculate productivity and efficiency across various retail practices. Understanding these basic retail math concepts are essential when evaluating business performance and determining business strategies.

Upon successful completion on the course, a Retail Ireland Certificate of Achievement will be available to download.

This course is suitable for individual learners or for employers who may wish to register groups of employees.

For more information please get in touch with the team at Retail Ireland Skillnet on 074 9176853, email or fill out the query form below.

  1. Basic Math Calculation
  2. Pricing Strategies
  3. Business Analysis
  4. Performance Management
Self-paced eLearning approx 4 hours
100% online
Certified by Retail Ireland Skillnet

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