Food, Mood, and Mindful Eating – 12 Minute Minding Retail Workshop

The Food, Mood, and Mindful Eating 12 Minute Workshop will help you understand your relationship with food. Discover how the food choices we make impact our mood and learn practical tips on how to change how we approach food. Understand what mindful eating is and how we can make changes to our relationship with food. This workshop is delivered by the fantastic Queen of Health, nutritionist Nichola Flood.
We are delighted to launch our Minding Retail Campaign which offers a range of FREE Wellness and Nutrition Workshops to people working in retail.

The aim of the Minding Retail Wellness and Nutrition Workshops is to promote physical and mental wellbeing amongst people working in the retail sector.

Awards: Certified by Retail Ireland Skillnet
Delivery: 100% online
Cost: Free of charge
Duration: Self-paced eLearning approximately 12 minutes

  • Discover what food choices you can make to improve your mood.
  • Understand our relationship with food.
  • Discover tips on how to eat mindfully.
  • Learn practical, psychological ideas and solutions for improving your mood.
  • Download the Mindful Eating Journal.
Self-paced eLearning approx 12 minutes
100% online
This course is available to all individuals – employed and unemployed. There is no requirement on previous qualifications.
Certified by Retail Ireland Skillnet

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