Building Resilience Workshop

Building Resilience – Supporting your team to respond, recover and thrive.

Navigating today’s uncertainty and stress requires a new level of resilience. We partner with companies to implement training that enhances well-being, leadership, and resilience, leading to improved performance.

Resilience is the ability to cope with the challenges, problems, and setbacks we face in life and to become stronger because of them. It builds the capacity to be productive and resourceful while dealing with changing circumstances or adversity.

Resilience training typically aims to prevent feelings of burnout and lapsed motivation through several different means. Our programme helps to build the behaviours, mental habits, attitudes, and coping mechanisms to allow us ‘Bounce Back Stronger’. It concentrates on building the strengths that build resilience. We will support your people to thrive and go forward in a positive more focused way and have the resilience required to cope with challenges.

This programmes is delivered through four live online sessions. These online, interactive experiences are a great way to support your team, build resilience and grow critical skills during this time of uncertainty.

These one-hour sessions may be scheduled at a time to suit your business, early morning, lunchtime or evening. To help reinforce the learning, there will be a requirement to complete a short essay or questionnaire between sessions.

This Programme is suitable for all members of staff. It can be adapted for management / team leaders to help them model self-care and guide their people through uncertain times; where customer needs, experiences and indeed the language of service continues to change.


  • Understand resilience and the benefits of improving our resilience
  • Identify and value our strengths
  • Appreciate the value of taking control of our thinking
  • Provide tools to help build resilience
  • Focus on what we can control, rather than what we cannot
  • Develop an optimistic outlook for the future
  • Develop solid goals to improve resilience, together with the desire to accomplish them

Our objective is to make these programmes, motivational, encouraging, informative, practical and enjoyable.

To ensure participants get the most from the programme we have capped the number of attendees, at a maximum of 20 attendees for the employee’s programme and maximum of 12 attendees for the managers’ programme. If your organisation requires a smaller number of places and is prepared to share places with other retail organisations, please contact us for further information.

For more information please get in touch with the team at Retail Ireland Skillnet on 074 9176853, email or fill out the query form below.

Understanding Resilience
  1. What is resilience
  2. Why is resilience important
  3. Identifying and building on our strengths
  4. Strategies adopted by resilient people
Taking Control
  1. The power of our thoughts – Thinking is one of the best tools we have to cope
  2. Positive vs Negative Thinking – How to get more control of your thinking
  3. Fostering Skills to be resilient
Building Resilience
  1. Identify our own resilience levels
  2. Identify your deep core beliefs – Are you holding on to negative beliefs
  3. 8 ways to increase positive feelings in the middle of stress
A Different World – Changing Needs, Changing Experiences
  1. Reframe how you think – Adapting to new ways of working
  2. Using support – Is it hard to ask?
  3. Principles of coping
  4. Build a resilient action plan
Four 1-hour sessions
Online Workshop
Certified by Retail Ireland Skillnet

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