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Why you should Invest in Employee Development


As a retailer, do you think your staff feels appreciated and recognised?

The vast majority of today’s workers report that they are overworked and underappreciated. Most retail employees – regardless of current position – have ambitions for a more senior level than where they currently stand. The challenge is that we are so busy keeping up with everyday operations within our teams that we are unable to offer opportunities that can support employee development and career growth.

Why employee development gets overlooked:

  • As retail leaders we focus on the Here & Now: The retail industry typically demands a lot of focus on the day-to-day operations of the business at store level which leaves little room for opportunities or development, despite the benefits it may bring.
  • It becomes a Compliance Issue: Every year performance appraisals occur so routinely, that we come to view this process as an operational exercise. Efforts to follow up and use the data captured from employees in a constructive way gets overlooked in favour of complying with standards and filling in paperwork.
  • We view our employees as Revolving Door Employees: Why on earth would retailers invest in employees’ futures when they might leave tomorrow for another opportunity – closer to home; for more money; because they are bored here?
  • We don’t have the Budget: Budget for development and upskilling? When retail organizations support development of their team – all that is needed is the time and executive support for development to be made a priority.

Why Employee Development Needs To Be A Business Priority

  • It gets employees Engaged: Having a solid employee development program can support a healthier business and increase staff morale which will undoubtedly have a knock on effect on customer service and customer satisfaction levels…not to mention reduced staff absenteeism and better employee retention.
  • It makes your business Stand Out from the crowd: Providing employee development opportunities as part of the hiring package – gives you a competitive advantage over other similar jobs and wages and it supports growth with the company.
  • Talented Leaders & emerging leaders want to grow: Capable, ambitious, emerging leaders and current leaders truly want training, mentoring and career guidance…They want to become more adaptable, committed and valuable to their organization.
  • It attracts Great People: Having a reputation as a good retail organization – one who cares enough to invest in their people – is great both for attracting and hiring new talent. With how savvy today’s retail customers are – consumers want to support brands that give back and who do good things for people.
  • Helps find Committed Employees: Investing in employee development creates a candidate pool of great employees that “get” the business and become invested in it.
  • It’s supports Bottom Line Growth: The costs associated with turnover, staff absenteeism and recruiting/hiring can be substantial. Focusing on the development and growth of our team helps maintain business health.
  • It forces us to have a Forward-Thinking perspective: When talented individuals emerge, do we hold onto them or do we support their growth into another role when they are ready? Being able to identify and reinvent our development programs to the shifting priorities of the business will help ensure we have capable and empowered leaders for the future. Not only for our business but for our team members and their futures. Source


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