Apprenticeship Partnership

Employers Information: Apprenticeship in Retail Supervision

Working together to ensure success

To make the apprenticeship partnership successful everyone involved including Retail Ireland Skillnet, employers, apprentices, and workplace mentors must be fully involved and committed to the programme.

Retail Ireland Skillnet Commitment

We are 100% committed to ensuring retailers, apprentices, and workplace mentors feel supported throughout the two years of the programme. We have a dedicated and knowledgeable team that work with retailers and apprentices on a 1:1 basis to ensure the programme is successful in the workplace. We provide regular feedback to all three stakeholders.


Employers must be committed to supporting their Apprentice(s) and Workplace Mentor(s) throughout the delivery of the 2-year programme. The employer should provide the Apprentice with learning opportunities, ongoing motivation, goals, constructive feedback, and much more. In addition, we require employers to stay in regular contact with our Retail Ireland Skillnet team.


Apprentices must be fully informed and committed to completing the different aspects associated with the programme such as attending classroom and online delivery, workplace tasks, assessments, and independent study. The apprentice must be committed to sharing new ideas and implementing learnings acquired in the workplace.

Workplace Mentor

Workplace Mentors should be genuinely enthusiastic about the programme. They must be committed to ensuring they are accessible to the apprentice and that they have a minimum of 2-hours per week to dedicate to the apprentice. During this time, they should review the workplace tasks, assessments, set goals, give feedback, share their knowledge and experience plus ensure the apprentice feels supported and motivated.

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