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8 Useful Steps to Becoming a Leader in Retail


Have you ever though you might like to become a leader in you current retail role? Maybe you know someone who wants to become a retail leader?

Retail can be a fun, challenging, and rewarding industry to commit to. However, it is often the case that sadly, amazing talent in retail can be overlooked or ignored. So what can you do about it?

The following steps could help retail employees realise and develop their own leadership abilities:

  1. Identify why you want to be a leader – Is it to get ahead? To help people? To help develop your company?
  2. Ask for feedback – Your colleagues and manager will have a good insight as to how you are performing at present – What are you good at? What do you need to work on? Where do opportunities lie for you to grow?
  3. Start as you mean to go – Become familiar with the requirements of the job you want, and determine what skills and competencies you need to develop to be successful at this next level.
  4. Work on your people skills – certain personal attributes are required of leaders in order to work and interact effectively with others
  5. Demonstrate your commitment – Show that you are proactively willing and able to upskill and learn new competencies and overall, demonstrate that you are a loyal and interested employee who is committed to the purpose of your company – not just your bank balance.
  6. Be respectful – At the next level, you will have access to more information and more responsibility over others. Act responsibly and fairly to earn your co-workers respect in return.
  7. Strick a balance – You will inevitably be stronger or more skilled in a specific area, for example; people skills, organisation or accounting. As challenges emerge, it’s important that they are undertaken according to the most suitable strategy – not according to your personal strengths.
  8. Do not fear failure – There will be challenges and disappointments along the way but you should view these as opportunities for learning and gaining experience for the next challenge that presents itself.
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